Saturday, December 31, 2005

Starry Eyed Surprise!

Some of us live our lives in quite desperation with a sense of meaningful purpose & you wish to share your dreams & aspirations with somebody who would bring a sense of completeness in your otherwise dull & mundane life. You spend your days with a melancholic solitude lurking in that puny little heart just waiting that maybe tomorrow she will bump into you & end your misery.
You spend those teenage nights wallowing in self pity believing the adage that nice guys do finish last but still hoping that good things will happen to you. Even the presence of an exuberant spirit behind that lonesome disposition doesn’t help & you feel as if you are living in an existence of no consequence & there is no place for any colour in the canvas of your life except for black & white.
As time goes by, you have made a habit of living like this & then one day it strikes you..
Maybe she is waiting for you too! & while you are standing on the road, the powers to be are laying down the bricks so that the road leads you to her.

Just then, like a cool spring breeze she walks in your door owing to a chance encounter & asks for your help & you feel a connection, a kind of soulful bond which encompasses your entire consciousness & it becomes impossible to erase her from your psyche. You start questioning your whole belief system & the terms destiny & fatality are new words in your agnostic dictionary.
You curse yourself for not finding her soon enough but are also grateful at the same time for reaching out to her & forging a truly meaningful relationship that transcends mere physical attraction.
She inspires you in ways you didn’t expect to be inspired & gives you that warm, mushy feeling every time she is around you. You start wanting to be a better person, not for her, as she promises to love you as long as your clock keeps ticking but because she arouses that part in you which has always wanted to awaken from slumber & instills a take-on-the-world spirit in you.
You start seeing a future with her & walk the road as one. All the songs & all the poetry in the world start making some real sense now & you feel “this is what I was waiting for” & that it really was worth the wait. Every touch, every smile, every conversation reassures your faith in all things that are good & pure & you say to yourself “What a Wonderful World”.
You feel a metamorphosis is in progress & you are changing, changing for good. People around you cannot figure out what’s brought it on but you know its her indefatigable spirit that touches you in the most subtle ways & you feel like a new person.

Well I consider myself to be the most fortunate soul to have been a part of this surreal quixotic exploration. She is with me by my side lighting up my days, laughing at my unfunny jokes & warming my heart with her adorable self. It is because of her that I can write like this without even an iota of embarrassment. Without a moments thought I can share with her my most intimate thoughts & darkest forebodings and she assures me that she will never let go of my hand & will take me as I am for better or worse, for richer or poorer, for smarter or loser!

You make me fly high & without you I feel like an empty tin can without the cooked food in it!
This is my humble gift to you on our first anniversary.
To the most amazing girl on the planet..HAPPY 30 DAYS.
1st JANUARY 2006.


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