Friday, December 10, 2004

Campus Ruminations

Life is tough!
The last 2 years of college has been......i really can't find the word.
The things i've learnt & unlearnt & re-learnt are just 'simply mind-boggling' when i sometimes sit & think about 'em.
And mind you, by all the learning & re-learning its got nothing to do with acads..
the lessons i'm talking about are the lessons of life (don't i sound like a 45 yr old on the verge of a mid life crisis!!!)

Before college, all of us were living in our respective homes, in a protected environment where things were taken care of for us, & life was all candy in the air..
Hostel life has been pivotal (if that's the right word).. personally 2 years down the line, i definitely feel i've grown as a person. There have been situations which were out of my control. Then there were those ones where i completely lost it & kept hating myself for acting like i was somebody i'm not..

I've had my share of share of victories.
People say that the 3/4 years of college are the best days of our lives..& man, i have a feeling that they couldn't be more right..
I really don't want to talk about the harsh realities of 'THE REAL LIFE' out there..'cause as of now I just want to enjoy my college life (Whats left of it).

Musique : "Time" by Pink Floyd

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