Friday, March 11, 2005

God bless G.O.I

I have appeared to have benefitted from the G.O.I's Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
OK, so you're now reading the blog of an employed citizen of india (do i sound like a dork or what?!!)..neways, the point i'm trying to make here is that some bludy billion $ company (read:WIPRO) wants me to work for them and i said "sure, what the heck!"

ok enough, i can't do it anymore..YIPEEEE!!! i have a JOB
well an offer at least.. the recruitment process was taxing to say the least.
after days of preparatory tests & mock interviews it feels good to have been selected.
but life wasn't all candy in the air the first day.
DAY1 was COGNIZANT..cleared the written, was a bit on-the-edge about the interview(i'm sure all of you were on your first professional interview). neways, the panel i got was really cool..
i had imagined the interviewers to be a couple of 60 feet high dragons, fire out of their noses ready to devour any innocent looking B.E student, but these guys guys were really cool, made me feel really comfortable..

Interviewer: "So Rohit, you're a bong?"
Me: "Yes Sir".
Interviewer: "You proud to be a bong?"
Me: "Of course."
Interviewer: "Tell me why?"
Me: Some crap about bongs being culturally refined & politically aware and how we can't obviously generalise on those terms.(BTW, i happen to believe in the crap)

After a few tech questions & a bit about why a mechanical engineer wants tojoin an IT firm I was
through. Everything was going well until our placement officer started calling out the names of people who'd been selected & well I couldn't hear my name.
Congratulated all my buddies who got through & went straight back to the hostel to get a good
nights sleep..'cause DAY2 was WIPRO.

The WIPRO interview went really well by my standards.. the interview revolved around my interests namely Quizzing. After a few tech questions on C-programming & a few more HR questions i could tell that these guys were impressed..& well as it turned out they were.

So how does it feel you ask? Well for one, it does ease a few brain cells 'cause you know you
won't die of hunger in any case. I'll agree it gives a certain sense of achievement but in the end its just campus recruitment.. its a process. A lot more to be done.

Economically Phunny:
What do you call the study of systematically tallying where snake bites occur on the human

A Poison Distrubution
(Source: Bhavya)

Musique: "Eye In The Sky" by Alan Parsons Project

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