Friday, May 26, 2006

Delhi Times

College is over.I am back at home. Away from the sweltering summer of Bhubaneswar to the humid,sweaty,slimy summer of Delhi.But I'm loving it..'cause its my favourite city.
10 things that makes it worth living in the national capital..

1. Absolutely extreme weather conditions...You are either frozen in the bone chilling, frost bite inducing frigid winters or the hot & humid summers when you feel as if you are just a few centigrades away from spontaneous combustion.

2. Dirty slang spewing Bus drivers...Did these people go to some special school where they were taught the most obscene curses & slang so that they could vent their frustrations on their fellow man?

3. 2 hour traffic jams...You can actually get a lot of work done during this time if you are well organised & have 25 million kilograms of patience. (You should be an expert in avoiding a neural haemorrhage in the process)

4. All the Beauiful Girls & Ladies & i'm not a perv!

5. Obnoxiously Affluent junta who derive pleasure by filthy display of wealth...& believe me, there are scores of them.

6. Dirty Politics & even Dirtier Politicians..& the whore also known as Mainstream Media.

7. Page 3 Parties..aka Get togethers for the Rich, middle aged Socialites, Publicity hungry blokes & Gay people from the Fashion industry.

8. Awe inspiring Monuments & sites of architectural magnificence which are structure & in spirit.

9. Beggars on traffic signals..& boy do they have their own standards. Give them a rupee & the killer look that they give you..travails of living in an inflated economy.

10. Last but certainly not the least..The Youth Of Delhi..Be it Late night parties, Weekend getaways, Academic exellence or Social & Political activism..WE can handle anything & everything all at once..So don't you dare mess with us dude.

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u forgot ur sweet bhabhi!