Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ambitions & crystallized double sulphates

When I was 12, most kids my age had pretty much the same kind of ambitions..All of us wanted to become fighter pilots ['Top Gun' had been released] or scientists [astronomer, in my case].

Of course nobody told us that becoming a scientist required years of intense study before any kind of fruitful work is produced or discoveries are made & eventually would make us socially dysfunctional + flat broke, & that staring too long at the night sky can give you quite a painful cramp in the neck.

But we were kids, all of us had our dream jobs & playing with electric motors & kitchen spices in moms kitchen made us feel as if we were born to do be the next Edison. We grew alum in a bowl for crying out loud! Couldn't cut any frogs though.

How I miss those joyful days..

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