Friday, February 02, 2007

Changing the world.. one keystroke at a time!

Silicon valley has given us a lot of 'dorms to riches' tales of daring & enterprising young guns starting their own ventures & shunning promising careers..

What drives these people to go that extra mile taking huge risks & laughing at the face of unsurmountable difficulties? I guess the simple explanation is that these people knew that they had a million dollar idea that was innovative, had a viable business model & they couldn't wait to get down to it & get their hands dirty.

The Google duo started their super search machine while pursuing their PhD's in Stanford.

Super rich Bill & spaceman Paul had dropped out of Harvard to start their closed source empire.

Michael Dell started one of the biggest PC companies out of his dorm room.

There are hundreds of such examples floating in the media today but I gues it all starts with a vision. Most technology start ups do not have profit as the sole ambition although it becomes a side effect & the some of them go on to make millionaires out of its employees. The motivating factor for these techies is a chance to change the world so to speak..

The impact of Google, eBay, Amazon, Youtube, MySpace has been phenomenal & has brought about a sea change in consumer behaviour. They have radically altered business models of conventional media platforms like broadcast television & blockbuster film studios.

It really must feel great to become a CEO at 19.

Any idea what was the first item sold on eBay? Me neither.

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