Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jammin' Like Crazy

Amit Chatwani, who is also known as the 'Borat of Wall Street', is the author of the blog Leveraged Sellout. The blog severely lampoons the lifestyles of the young, filthy rich, 20-something investment bankers & finance guys of Wall Street who spend their 18 hour workdays hunched over excel worksheets & spend their weekends in nightclubs & pubs in the upmarket, always on the move Financial District of Manhattan.

His profanity ridden, brash style of writing has generated a humongous readership & the blog at times receives 30,000 page views within 4 days of his posting a writeup.

First read this & then do NOT miss this.

He also has speed dating experience.

Don't we need a 'Borat of IT/BPO'? I guess I should just crank up some of that sarcasm in me & blow the whistle.

I'm thinking I'll call it 'Validated Sellout'.

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